Real Ale Beer Festivals in Leicester and Hinckley

All details of our beer festivals will appear here, including dates and beers lists in printable and downloadable formats.

Beer and Cider Festivals

Beer Festival 23-26 November 2017

Broood@VQ 24 King Street, Leicester, LE1 6RL

Beers all listed at £3.50 per pint or £1.75 a half.

One thirds are not available.

Brewery Beer ABV Location Style Tasting Notes
Beeston Hop Massey 5.00% Bar Stout Chocolate and Vanilla Stout
Rowett Columbus Simcoe Stout 6.50% Bar Stout Hops come bursting our of this Stout
Priest Town Harris Stout 5.50% Bar Stout Dark Beer, Hints of sweetness chocolate and treacle
Rock Solid Citra 4.50% Bar Pale Pale, brewed with lots of citra, fined but hazy hop appearance. First cask
Montagu Citra Pale 4.10% Bar Pale Giving the hop taste loved by all citra lovers
Rocket Town Rocket Blonde 3.60% Bar Pale Smooth blonde ale
Holler Boys Heavy Lifting 4.2 Bar Stout Double Hopped Stout
Liquid Light Into the void 5.60% Cellar Runs Porter Coffee Porter. Very first cask. Unbelievably Good
Linear Rye Pale Ale 5.40% Cellar Runs Rye 50% Rye base finished with Chinook and Amarillo
Cellar Head Single Hop Pale 4.60% Cellar/reserve Pale Using Strangs #7 experimental hop. Never to be repeated. Unfined
Godstone Oishi 4.20% Cellar/reserve Speciality Refreshing pale infused with green tea and lemon
Godstone Trenchman’s Hop 3.80% Cellar/reserve Session Bitter Malt and hops in perfect harmony
Montagu Earl of Montagu Stout 4.80% Cellar/reserve Stout Bold Stout, cracking
Cellar Head Flapjack 4.70% Cellar/reserve Stout Unfined, oatmeal stout
Godstone Not So Black and White 3.70% Stillage Amber Creamy amber coloured pale stout
Chapeau Slip Stream 3.50% Stillage Bitter English Session Bitter. Superb early effort
Oxted Single Hop 3.90% Stillage Pale Brewed with Crystal. Not a common hop.
High Weald Off The Chart 5% Stillage IPA With cascade, bravo and Columbus hops
Holler Boys APA Simcoe 4% Stillage American Pale Banging hop bomb
Ewhurst Autumn Dove 3.90% Stillage Amber Autumn Ale
Cellar Head Kiln Basher 5.20% Stillage Porter Unfined, green hop porter
Top Notch SMaSH 4.50% Stillage Mosaic. Enough said. Extremely tasty
Godstone Rusty’s Ale Proper English Bitter Proper English Bitter Proper English Bitter Proper English Bitter




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