Menu – Broood Food

Broood Food

Served Monday to Saturday

12.00pm to 8pm

Chicken wings: £4/£8

Oven cooked & doused in our own spicy sauce, served with celery

Extreme chicken bun: £6.50

A marinated chicken breast in a brioche bun with salad & chilli jam,

served with wedges

Rainbow chicken salad: £6

Chicken thigh and breast meat in a lemon & herb marinade, served with mixed leaves, peppers, tomatoes, red onion, sweet corn and carrot, tossed in a lemon & honey dressing

Hot & spicy chicken burger: £7

A spicy crumbed chicken burger in a brioche bun with salad,

served with wedges

Cajun, tandoori or chicken tikka kebab: £7

Chicken breast pieces, served on a flatbread or traditional Cypriot pitta, with leaves and salad and a cooling yogurt and mint sauce.

Served with wedges. 

Bowl of wedges: £2.50 


(V) Onion bhaji burger £6

Oven baked and served in a brioche bun with salad and a yogurt & mint dressing, served with wedges

(VG) Falafel burger £6

Served in a toasted pitta, with tomato salsa, green salad and wedges

(V) Vegetable samosa roll £6

A crispy samosa served in a bun with salad, chilli sauce and wedges

(V) Stilton rarebit: £6

On sourdough bread, served with salad

(VG) Vegan burger stack £7

2 burgers sandwiched with vegan cheese, served on a bed of rocker and beetroot and topped with chilli jam

(V) Portobello mushroom burger £7

Marinated in balsamic, soy, rosemary & seasoning. Topped with cheese, baby spinach, red onion, tomato & avocado. Served with wedges

(VG) Mezze for sharing £10

Homemade hummus and baba ghanoush, olives,

dates, dried apricots, almonds, crackers and toasted pitta,




Why not join us for coffee or our delicious hot chocolate

and homemade cake.

 Between 11am and noon a hot drink and slice of cake £3.50

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